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Janece O. Hoopes started Therapeutic Wellness Center in Provo, Utah, in 1993. She has been refining her specialized techniques ever since, helping each client to stop their pain and enjoy their life. In recent years, Janece has expanded her practice to include Utah Hypnotherapy. After experiencing a powerful healing transformation of her own through hypnotherapy, Janece became convinced that when a person learns how to access the power of their own subconscious mind any goal can be reached, any illness can be helped, and any pain can be minimized.

Janece is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified in Medical Support, and is a fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. She can help you to gain insight into yourself, as well as show you how you can release your own limitations and challenges through hypnosis. By learning and making use of the simple and powerful tool of hypnosis, you can achieve better health, happier relationships, and a more satisfying life starting today!

"In a pre-hypnotherapy interview, Janece covered what she was going to do in relation to what I needed, helping me to understand how the process works. When I went into hypnosis I was always conscious- never out of control. I was comfortable, realizing there was nothing I would do or say that I didn't choose.
Hypnotherapy helped me fill in holes that I didn't know I had; holes that were holding me back emotionally. Through the process, I felt validated and calm, which has resulted in more peace and happiness in my life. Thank you, Janece."
– Kris

"I tried Hypnotherapy because it sounded interesting and different. I didn't think I had a specific “issue” to work on, but I scheduled an appointment anyway. As our first session began I was immediately relaxed and felt comfortable. After a short and non-invasive conversation with Janece I was surprised to learn that I indeed was eager to work on some very specific goals. The clarity I gained in my first session was life-changing and unexpected. I felt that I had direction and motivation, and was excited to pursue those new-found goals with positive focus and purpose. Thank you Janece!"
– Amy W

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